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Jason Hartman

An interview on the Creating Income Streams Beyond Equity


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Jason Hartman

Jason Hartman’s Interview with Rodney Johnson

In the interview where Rodney Johnson chats with Jason Hartman, Rodney enlightens us on why he believe that gold’s value will drop below $800 and whether or not the economy is slowing down. He’ll also discuss how investors can create multiple streams of revenue without having to rely on equity markets.

Other topics that Jason Hartman and Rodney will be discussing in this interview include:

  • Why Jason Hartman believes precious metals like silver and gold have a limited place in the market.
  • Why income property is more profitable than metals.
  • Why it is a good idea to invest some money into gold, just as a precaution.
  • How wages impact the inflation/deflation equation and how the ball is in employer’s courts.
  • How inflation, deflation, wages, and standard of living effect damages an economy.
  • Why do people take more risks during inflation?
  • What happens when credit evaporates and why this is a problem for people.
  • How Spain is a perfect example of what happens to an over eager economy.
  • Why Jason Hartman loves inflation over the other “maladies.”
  • Why Jason Hartman believes the land isn’t limited regarding investment.
  • What the Philips curve is.
  • An explanation of what the ‘rational man principle’ is.
  • What the “Irrational Economics Summit” is and what it does.
  • Why investing your money instead of leaving it in a money market could be problematic.
  • A discussion on Harry Dent’s work from the mid-90s.
  • How it was believed that in 2008 to 2013, the baby boomers would cause the economy to suffer.
  • How, while the real estate market crash was predicted, the Wall Street scandal behind it, was not.
  • How having children changes everything—especially your wealth.
  • Why most people really start saving for retirement in their 50s.
  • Why the Federal Reserve is hindering the economy from doing well.
  • How the NFIB (National Federation of Independent Businesses) shells out credit to consumers.
  • Why Millennials are going to become a “deflationary pressure.”
  • Where to catch Harry Dent’s book, The Demographic Cliff.

Rodney Johnson and Jason Hartman Interview

Harry Dent and Jason Hartman Interview


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Best Interview Quote

You’re never richer than the day before you have children. Because it doesn’t matter what you make—you’re always pushing it forward and spending on them.

Rodney Johnson